February Meeting Minutes

shared on 02/21/2024
(Apologies — the audio quality was sub-standard for the first part of the recording, so the video starts after the first few candidates had spoken.)
  • Announcements
    • Nadia Farjood – Commission on the status of Women and Girls Know Your Rights Symposium https://www.sdstatusofwomenandgirls.org/events/kyr
    • Nadia Farjood – CA Women’s List Her Stories Report, analyzing the mental health impacts of hostility women candidates face.
        • One of the report’s recommendations is now proposed legislation. Senator Caroline Menjivar has introduced SB 1170, which would allow non-incumbent candidates to use campaign funds for campaign-related health care services.
    • Timothy Bilash – WOCR breakfast was astonishing! Don’t forget to vote in the primaries
    • Mayoral forum at Salvation Army Kroc Center 2/22/24 @ 6:30pm
    • Kate Bishop – adopt a district program & visit demedalliance.org to sign up for school board meeting alerts!!
    • Alyce Pipkin-Allen – President Biden approves FEMA to help flood victims
    • Michelle Krug – Multiple forums coming up, including two mayoral ones in Paradise Hills this Wednesday at St Timothy’s church 6pmon Rio dr. and at Porter Elementary School 2/24 @ 6pm
    • Lori Saldana – Coleen Cusack City Council District 3 has been endorsed by the Union Tribune  https://coleen4sd.com/
    • Lori Saldana – don’t forget about Central Committee Candidates: Cathie Hyatt District 78, Lori Saldana District 77, Mandy Havlick District 77, Kate Bishop District 88, Alysson Snow District 79, Alyce Pipkin-Allen District 79, Stephanie Wells District 77
    • Angela de Jospeh in support of Barbara Lee for Senate https://barbaraleeforca.com/
  • Adjourn
    • President Cathie Hyatt 8:17pm

Next meeting is on Monday, March 18 at Elijah’s, 6:30pm