March Meeting Minutes

shared on 03/21/2024

March 18th, 2024, 6:30pm

  • Business (Unfinished/New)
  • Officer Reports
    • External Vice President Susan Peinado – reached out to Rachel Lock re political violence in San Diego study and they have asked us to help with upcoming research forums
    • Membership Chair Patricia Wojdowski 92 active DWC members, look forward to program next month re Trans misinformation
  • Announcements
    • Ann Crosbie Dem Ed Alliance will be holding a training for Democratic School Board Candidates (and down ballot races) on March 30th. Visit
    • Ann Crosbie – CDP Children’s Caucus will be holding a special meeting Saturday at 9:30 am with AG Bonta on the legality of recent School Board activities and what can be done. To register, visit:
    • Danny Avitia SD School District lay off protest – Normal St 3/26 @ 415pm
    • Danny Avitia looking for participants for a focus group of 18-30 year olds that are mildly to heavily involved in politics
    • Nancy Cassady announces the incarceration of Peter Navaro
    • Mary Petrowski with GoTeam! & Fire SDGE, hire Power San Diego
    • Tim Nader Superior Court Judge thanks the DWC for bringing awareness to other judicial races
    • Lori Saldaña denounces copycat endorsement mailers
    • Amber Kae Niuatoa thanks the DWC for the support for Central Committee
  • Adjourn
    • President Cathie Hyatt 8:09pm

Next meeting is on Monday, April 15, 6:30pm ar Elijah’s Restaurant