January Meeting and Endorsement Consideration Notice

Written on 01/04/2024
Democratic Woman's Club

Hello ,
Happy New Year!  Our meeting this month will be on Monday, January 22 at Elijah’s Restaurant, 6:30pm. 

Our business for January will include the presentation of our 2024 endorsement strategy and process. Following is the proposal. 

Note: This proposal requires no changes to the existing DWCSD Endorsement Policy

Objective: DWCSD will limit the number of endorsements for the 2024 General Election to enable the Club and membership to become more engaged and actively supportive of our endorsed candidates. We will focus on those races where our support can make the biggest impact to either retaining a seat or flipping one Democratic.

Proposed Process:

1. The board/endorsement committee has reviewed all the races on the ballot in San Diego County in 2024 and compiled a list of races that appear to be most critical.

2. The list will be presented to the membership at the club’s January 2024 meeting and, using the ranked choice voting process, the membership will rank their top 10 races in order of importance. 

3. Once the Primary Election results have been certified, the committee will review the Democratic candidates, in the Club’s top 10 races list, who are advancing to the General Election in November. At the April/May 2024 club meeting(s) the membership will finalize endorsements.

a. If there is only one Dem candidate advancing to the General Election and they are an incumbent, the committee can recommend a friendly incumbent endorsement. 

b. If there is only one Dem advancing and they are not an incumbent, the committee will invite the candidate to complete a questionnaire so the club can vote on the endorsement. 

c. If there are two Dems advancing:

i. The committee can invite both candidates to complete a questionnaire and vote on an endorsement,

ii. OR the Club could decide that this is now a safe Dem seat and look at the next race in line. 

4. We will work to complete the endorsement process during the April/May timeframe, so our members are able to focus on supporting our endorsed candidates to the fullest throughout the summer and fall before the election.

5. Suggestions for ways the Club can support our endorsed candidates:

a. The Club can host canvases, phone banks and lit drops. 

b. The Club can co-host Fundraisers for the candidates. 

Official Notice: Also on our January agenda will be endorsement considerations for San Diego County Superior Court Judge Offices 41 and 43. These endorsements are time sensitive since the races will be decided in the Primary on March 5th. The remainder of our endorsements will be for the General Election on November 5, 2024. 

Any member who has paid their dues by the beginning of a General Meeting and has been verified by an Executive Officer, shall be eligible to vote on Club matters during the General Meeting. In order to vote on Club endorsements, one must be a General Member in good standing, who has attended at least two prior meetings, as a member, in the previous 12 months. Proxy voting shall not be permitted.

Renew your membership here: https://dwc-sd.org/membership/

See you on January 22.

Thank you,
Cathie Hyatt, President

The purpose of the Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County is to amplify women's issues through education and advocacy and to foster active interest in the Democratic Party, supporting the party platforms, contributing to party leadership and responsibility, providing a constructive role for the volunteer in Democratic politics, and developing an activist base.
We demand equality of opportunity, a level playing field, and fair and equal treatment for all.

We are dismantling the patriarchy.
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